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Author Lucy Crowe's writing has been described as "a palette of expertly intermingled colors, splashed all over the black and white world we live in today."   This unique brand of poetic realism can be enjoyed in Lucy's first full length novel, Sugar Man's Daughter, as well as her blog, Lucy Crowe's Nest.

bluemillionbooksCheck out the excerpt below from Lucy Crowe’s Featured Author interview on A Blue Million Books!

Your characters and plots are very realistic. What do you think is more important – characters or plot? I am a character writer. I so enjoy creating a real person, complete with everything that makes us whole. I love the way the characters seem to take over the story and bend it to their own needs.

I love the way you write. It’s almost lyrical. What would you say is your writing style?
A reader once described my novel as “poetic realism,” and I was just so thrilled with that.

What are you working on now?
I have finished – drum roll!! – my second novel, Maypops in September, and I am querying for a wonderful, awesome, top-of-the-line agent.”


galenaA big thank you to everyone who made the Galena signing such a success!  It was wonderful to connect with fans and enjoy the season in such a gorgeous little town. ~Lucy


Book signing September 13th at the amazing Myrtle’s Cafe! (1007 N Main Street, Princeton, IL) Come enjoy Homestead Fest with Lucy Crowe and grab a slice of the best pie in town!

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